Why Riley?


The name Riley means valiant and courageous. It came from a Viking War Lord who gave his life fighting for his community. Canada needs such a valiant and courageous leader to bring them to a position worthy of tackling the corruption that is allowing our natural resources to be given away only to benefit the 1% of the population that already owns the majority of the wealth. Canada needs a leader who will take a stand for the working and middle class who are breaking their backs (literally) for the benefit of the rich; a leader who will demand safety and a fair wage and decent benefits.

Right now we are competing with third world labor and the only winners in this game are the 1% at the top: the corporations and the billionaires. Social media has made the world a tiny flat place with no borders. We need to take advantage of this to end the competition and join together regardless of race, religion or geographical location. Our differences make us awesome and our unified voice will destroy inequality. The name “Riley” means valiant and courageous, it came from a Viking war hero who gave his life fighting for his community. The Riley Times will be the platform that connects us all together with security and democracy to protect our environment and employment. All of this is much easier said in one short phrase, there is “SAFETY n NUMBERS”.

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