Splendor Sine Occasu

savebcIt kind of sounds like, “Hakuna matata” but it doesn’t mean, no worries for the rest of your days. It means, beauty that never diminishes.

The words Splendor Sine Occasu are imprinted on the coat of arms of British Columbia directly below the wapiti (elk) on the left and bighorn sheep on the right which symbolize the union of Vancouver Island and the mainland to form British Columbia in 1866.

It was almost a decade ago when I took my first flight all the way across this great province. It was late spring and we departed out of Calgary, Alberta headed for Victoria BC. It was a beautiful day and the lakes, rivers, mountains and glaciers were an outstanding view. What I wasn’t ready for was the shock of just how much of the forest we as a population have allowed to be harvested. Due to the time of year, the logged areas were still packed with snow but it had melted off the surrounding trees causing a contrast that, in some places, looked like there was more area logged than forested. My kids were with me and between my new responsibilities as a father to provide a future for them and witnessing firsthand the absolute travesty going on in our own backyard, I had to wonder, will there be a forest left for them in 20 years?

Splendor Sine Occasu – The official motto of British Columbia means, beauty that never diminishes. But hasn’t it already begun to diminish? Just weeks ago we spilled a boatload of diesel near Bella Bella. Permits are being processed to grant a company the right to log the last bit of old growth forest on Vancouver Island. We are forever polluting our fresh water in the North by fracking as a means of producing oil. And we are about to flood out an entire valley of agricultural and native land to build a dam for electricity that we don’t even need.

I’m not just bitching. I’m going to do something about it. Through The Riley Times I am attempting to change the world by delivering unionism and equality to everyone so that decisions affecting stuff like the air breathe and water we drink will belong to us as a whole. The first step, however, is to clean up our own backyard.

Coming soon I will be running a survey like system to find out what the most important issue is to the people of BC. If we can get enough people involved who are willing to take part and commit to advocating for the most popular issue as opposed to what they feel is the biggest issue; then we will have one massive group with one clear message that the government will have to listen to. Change will happen, if we work together.

If you’re thinking I’m crazy and I need help, you’re entirely right. I DO need help, but not that kind! I need help to get this message out. Will you like and share this message? Will you subscribe to The Riley Times? (Bottom of the page on the right) It’s completely free, you will rarely get more than one email per week and you will be supporting a much brighter tomorrow.

For The Riley Times,

Mike McKenzie

Right now we are competing with third world labor and the only winners in this game are the 1% at the top: the corporations and the billionaires. Social media has made the world a tiny flat place with no borders. We need to take advantage of this to end the competition and join together regardless of race, religion or geographical location. Our differences make us awesome and our unified voice will destroy inequality. The name “Riley” means valiant and courageous, it came from a Viking war hero who gave his life fighting for his community. The Riley Times will be the platform that connects us all together with security and democracy to protect our environment and employment. All of this is much easier said in one short phrase, there is “SAFETY n NUMBERS”.

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