The World is Good

It’s amazing the difference positive thinking can make on your mental state of being. It has been a dark, negative week that has left me beardless, beat up and feeling like a whipped dog. Yes; I said beardless! It’s a long story that I probably shouldn’t get into on this platform, but I will say the experience had me dwelling on how the world is an evil dark place full of people who are out to get us. Although this may be true in some instances, dwelling on it only shed light on more corruption and inequalities. When I woke up this morning, I made a conscious effort that I was done with this and began looking for all the amazing things in my life and in the world around me. The truth of the matter is that the world is full of wonderful people and, in a lot of ways things are getting better and brighter every day. Here are just 3 examples of progress that I have recently noticed.
A few weeks ago I watched Michael Moore’s, “Where to Invade Next”. It’s a documentary about systems, policies and procedures the United States could adopt from other countries. It was an amazing show that left me with the realization that just because there are so many problems in the United States right now, and many issues here in Canada as well, it does not mean that the world is all wrong. Unionism is alive and well in many parts of the world. A socialistic style of government has made Scandinavian countries some of the happiest places on earth. The banking system in Iceland has proven that gender equality will have an enormous impact on financial stability. There are countries that recognize that education is not a burden but rather an opportunity to set up the next generation to do better than ourselves and other countries that have proven a nonviolent and peaceful law enforcement style has led to more peace and far lower crime rates. The world is a wonderful place full of amazing people with great ideas for humanity.
Another instance that has proven this point is a T.V. show my daughter introduced us to. The show is called “The Kindness Diaries”. My daughter’s class has been watching it as a social studies type project. As a side note, I have noticed a major shift in the way our children are learning in school today, and at first glance I felt as if they were not doing enough math, science and other conventional education; however, I now understand that the social education they are receiving is of so much greater value than the old style education we grew up with, especially in a world where math and science solutions can be found at the tips of our fingers or by simply asking “Siri”. A few examples of this type of education are, “Roots of empathy” where the school lines up a brave new mother who is willing to bring her young baby into the classroom for, what can only be described as, “show and tell.” The kids get to watch the baby and ask questions as they are indirectly taught that everyone used to be a sweet innocent baby and everyone, regardless of how they act or speak to one another, deserves understanding and empathy. C.I.A is the latest initiative I have heard about. It sure grabs your attention when you hear your 10 year old daughter is involved with the C.I.A., which turns out to stand for “Caring in Action.” In this program kids are encouraged to do random acts of kindness and use their creative little brains to come up with new and improved ways to serve others. They are learning at a very early age, how good it feels to help others and be of service to them. And then, of course, there is the study of the aforementioned “Kindness Diaries”. A show that documents a man’s journey around the world powered on nothing more than the kindness of complete strangers. Him and his motorcycle, equipped with a sidecar, left Los Angeles with no money, food or plans for shelter. He simply talks to strangers, tells them his story and asks for assistance in any form. People respond with gasoline, food and even letting him stay in their homes. The myth that traveling without responsible planning and vigilance will have you robbed, beaten and maybe kidnapped, is being shattered by this uplifting production that displays just how good people really are.
While hiking in Arizona last March, we ran into a friendly older guy who, upon learning we were from Canada, wanted to talk politics. He was anti-Trump big time, but then followed up these statements by saying, “Mind you anything would be better than that socialistic prick, Bernie Sanders.” I was blown away! I wrote an article a few months back about how socialism needs to be accepted instead of scorned at ever turn. I know a lot of people have a hard time accepting socialism, but why? Why is it such a bad thing that we want to take care of each other? It was this negative view, that so many people have, that prompted me to edit the article to a more neutral point of view. I didn’t have the balls to print my extreme left political aspirations, but you know who does have the balls to take that stand? Niki Ashton. Ashton has just recently announced her bid for leadership of the NDP party of Canada. In a article she admits that winning elections is not the only goal as she has a long term agenda. The article states that Ashton isn’t afraid to label herself a democratic socialist and says the NDP has to shift farther to the left. This smart young women represents progress and future for the next generation as opposed to more profits for the already filthy rich.
The world is a good place filled with amazing people. The potential is there for a future that will recognize workers as the true catalyst of a company’s success, a future that will provide for everyone and put the wellbeing of next generations far ahead of our own. Our job in our day to day lives is to keep up the fight against inequality and corruption but also to take time now and then to focus on and share the positive things in life.

Mike McKenzie

The Riley Times

Right now we are competing with third world labor and the only winners in this game are the 1% at the top: the corporations and the billionaires. Social media has made the world a tiny flat place with no borders. We need to take advantage of this to end the competition and join together regardless of race, religion or geographical location. Our differences make us awesome and our unified voice will destroy inequality. The name “Riley” means valiant and courageous, it came from a Viking war hero who gave his life fighting for his community. The Riley Times will be the platform that connects us all together with security and democracy to protect our environment and employment. All of this is much easier said in one short phrase, there is “SAFETY n NUMBERS”.

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  1. Donna mckenzie says:

    Great article

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