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Imagine a world where you were not required to go to work everyday. You were truly free to travel, explore and live your life the way you really wanted to. Up until now, the only way for this to happen was either a stroke of incredible luck, deep family wealth, incredibly hard work for years on end or some other abnormal chain of events. Times are changing and within a very short amount of time we will be choosing whether we work or not. But only if we play our cards right.

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The world is changing every day and it is not only possible for us to change the way this game is played but it is absolutely imperative that we change the way this game is played. We are about to embark on the greatest revolution of all time and it will either make this world an amazingly wonderful place to live or it will simply destroy it in a slow dark death.

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The path to financial freedom for you, me and every person on this planet is ours if we choose to accept it. This dream is attainable and we live in a window of time where we have the tools (social media) to completely band together and accept it.

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How is it feasible for everyone to stop working? How can we as society afford to do pay people for doing nothing? How could our economy support this? The answer lies in Automation. I mentioned before that we are about to embark on the greatest revolution of all time and by that I meant the automation revolution. It has already started but we have only seen a tiny glimpse of what is to come. So what does this mean? It means that throughout the automation revolution we will slowly be phased out of work. This WILL happen! We can either continue to watch the discrepancy between the rich and poor climb to new disgusting levels of inequality, or we can demand that we be taken care of.

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Truck driving is on of the most common jobs in Canada. Right now, we are just starting to see self driving cars on the road. They may not be very popular (there are some flaws and they are not that reliable) but within the next decade that technology will be perfected, and when it is, the first thing that will happen is the automation of millions of driving jobs. From taxi driving, to pizza delivery to freight delivery, all these jobs will be obsolete. This is only one industry as an example but automation will happen to some degree if not entirely in every industry you can imagine.

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Throughout the automation revolution we are going to be slowly phased out of work. Among the developed world, unemployment rates are hovering around 7%, through the Automation Revolution I predict that unemployment will soar to 93%. If you are an optimist like me this will be considered 7% employment rate. Going from 7% unemployment to 7% employment is what I call the employment inversion. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, this means that our work is being done for us.

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There will always some manual labour for those who will have a difficult time with not working. Such feelings are understandable; hard work has been ingrained in us over hundreds and thousands of years, but we have been heading this direction for a long time. We are not working near as hard now as we were in the cave man days where 80 hour weeks were required just to stay alive and were not working as hard as the coal miners and railway workers of 150 years ago who didn’t get weekends or vacation. Life is becoming less work all the time, it is not a stretch to say we will not be required to work within the next couple decades.

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The corporate world will be driving the Automation Revolution in an effort to keep costs down and profits up. They will be fronting the cash for the costly projects and development so why then is it fair that we get to ride for free? Why do we deserve this life of paradise when most of us have done nothing to achieve it? The richest corporations in the world have accumulated their massive wealth’s in a trade off; our environment and society’s future for their own personal gain. These decisions and trade offs were mostly committed before our generation was even alive but now every time you take a breath you breathe their pollution. Every time you swim in the ocean you receive their radiation. Every time you eat food, you ingest their toxins. Our environment has been seriously compromised and that is why we deserve this compensation. We as a society need to overtake industry and make sure everyone benefits.

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Nothing is more powerful than a population with a purpose. Social media has given us such an incredible opportunity. At no time in history has the population of earth held so much power. From Africa to Europe to the Americas and the rest of the world, we can connect, communicate and act as a single unit. So why don’t we? It’s the “purpose” part of the equation we’re missing. Everyone thinks that their cause is so much more important than other peoples causes. For example, in Canada we have groups opposing unemployment, groups opposing fracking, groups opposing fish farming, groups opposing raw log exports and all the government hears is hundreds of tiny groups whining at them.

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We need to form one solid group committed to working together. We all democratically decide which issue is the most important and then we all put aside our personal agendas and tackle that one issue together until it is solved. If the government hears the population saying one loud clear message, they will be forced to act. Eventually this group would be big enough and strong enough to prove that industry has ruined our environment and therefore belongs to society. We would all collectively own it and elect people to run it in a way that would benefit everyone. With no corporations bleeding it dry, there would be enough for everyone. This is of course a very brief description, but it is very possible and needs to happen soon.

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Automation could screw us. Yes, the same thing that will free us from work and give us everything we need if we take advantage of it, will also enslave us if left in the wrong hands. Already, there have been Artificial intelligent robots named to a company’s board of directors. Over the Automation Revolution we are going to see AI technology spike tremendously. It will only be a matter of time before police and military are automated and at that time the window will be shut. Can you imagine trying to rally together and protest against an army of Robocops? Try to argue with an AI that is programmed to think one way and one way only. Think that already sounds like your boss? The artificial intelligence that is coming to your workplace will make your boss look like silly putty. At that time revolt will be futile.

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Even with all the evidence of how we are destroying the planet with over consumption and needless polluting we are still clear cutting forests, polluting the air, and spilling oil pretty much everywhere. If we keep going in this direction and let corporate greed decide how much abuse the earth can handle; we will all be gone in a few generations. We as a society, need to take the reigns.

Its not an easy road, and its not going to happen over night but it has to start now. Look at our environment; look at the discrepancy between the rich and the poor; look at the future we are leaving for generations to come. We have proven that what we are doing is not working.

Its time to change! Lets get started.

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